Revell welcome Tony to our Landscape Design team

TonyTony has a Diploma in Building & Construction and in Design for Industry, with experience working in urban landscaping, residential and commercial design, and home renovations. Combining this extensive experience with a background in construction Tony has an in depth understanding of landscaping, knowledge he expertly applies to his innovative designs.

We asked Tony to share with us some of his favourite landscapes and projects, what has inspired his work over the years, and what we should look out for in landscaping this year.

Why landscape design?

Landscape Design combines my two great loves; architecture and the outdoors. Creative flair can be used in so many facets of landscape design, more so than building architecture. Having a strong construction background also allows me to apply this expertise to a field where this kind of knowledge is less common.

What inspires you and your work?

Contemporary design & creative ways to use materials in an uncommon manner. I love how landscape designs can take complex situations or problems and make them into simple, beautiful solutions.

The Rooftop Pool on top of Singapore's Marina Bay Sands Hotel

The rooftop swimming pool on top of Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Do you have a favourite garden or landscape project?

The rooftop swimming pool & gardens on top of the Marina Bay Sands luxury resort in Singapore. It is an amazing feat of engineering and design – I flew there just to see it!

What is your favourite part of a landscape project?

The design phase. There is nothing better than presenting a well thought out design that looks amazing, solves problems and exceeds the client’s expectations.

Trigg Landscape pool lighting frangipani water feature

Lighting adds the perfect touch to a pool landscape design

What is your favourite part of a garden?

I particularly love lighting in a garden, and how a space can be transformed at night into something completely different from the daytime.

Who inspires you most?

The person I admire most is an old colleague of mine, Rene Schoonens. He is a registered builder with 40 years experience in all aspects of construction and taught me everything I know about this profession from design and construction to people management. He was a great mentor and talented builder, always staying cool, calm & collected even in the most hectic situations.


Hyde Park playground, designed by Tony for the Town of Vincent

Where is your favourite local garden or outdoor space?

I love the Hyde Park playground in Highgate. I actually designed it for the Town of Vincent and managed the construction. Many years later I still take my kids to play there all the time.

Are there any landscape trends you want to see more of?

The humble face brick. I love the practicality of it, the raw finish, the new styles, the creative laying methods. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to the standard of rendered brickwork, and is also less expensive.

If Tony has inspired you to start thinking outside the box and planning for your new landscape, get in contact! You can contact the Revell team today and book in a free initial consultation to get things underway.