Types of Carports


Brick and tile carports

Brick and tile carports are the ideal solution if you want to add a carport that seamlessly blends with the style of your home. Brick and tile carports are far from prefab – they’re a durable solution that will last as long as – and look as good as – your home.


Open sided carports

Open sided carports are the least obstructive option. If you want a carport that allows air and light to flow but still protects your vehicles, an open sided carport is the best choice.


Attached carports

An attached carport is a great solution if you want a seamless transition from your shelter to your home. As with all carports from Revell Landscaping, your carport will beautifully complement your home and landscaping.


Double Carport

Perfect for homes with two or more cars, double carports give you space to store your vehicles and/or offer storage away from the elements.

Benefits of Carports

Increase home’s value

Carports are a great way to add significant value to your property. Not only do they add another usable space to your home, they are a surefire way to boost your home’s worth.

Protect assets

The first and foremost function of a carport is to protect your assets; they’ll keep your car, motorcycle, boat, bikes, and other belongings safe and out of the winter rain and harsh Perth summer sunshine.

Maximise living area

Much like a patio, a carport is the perfect way to add another living space to your home – it’s the perfect area for kids to play and stay sun smart and can be also used as an outdoor entertaining area.



Our team will meet you for a consultation and then prepare a quote for your new carport and any other landscaping features you may want to add.

Carport design & plan

One of our talented landscape designers will discuss your likes, dislikes and goals for your project and create a custom carport to meet your needs. At this point, you will collaborate with our designers to decide what features, materials, and other visual aspects you want included. Once you’re happy with the design, we’ll submit your carport design and specifications to council for approval.

Carport construction

After your carport has been approved by your council, it’s time to begin construction. Our reliable team will bring your design to life in a timely manner, leaving your space even better than they found it.