Perth Landscape Design

Innovative Landscape Designs

During an in-depth landscaping design consultation, we take the time to really understand your vision and your requirements. We go above and beyond to discover what makes you and your home unique so we can inject as much of your personality into the design as possible.

Taking inspiration from contemporary styles and the latest trends in landscaping in Perth, our expert team will put together a modern design that makes the best use of your space. At the same time, we will also consider your existing architecture, ensuring your new outdoor area seamlessly integrates with the rest of your home.

Landscape Design Process


Initial Discussion

At our first point of contact, we will have a general discussion about your project and your needs. As our landscape design process is heavily reliant on collaboration, it's important to ensure that we are the right fit for you.


Design Consultation

In the next phase we will meet face to face and flesh out the details of your landscape design. We will review your outdoor space and explore the design possibilities, advising you on how to best achieve your desired result within your budget.


Project Proposal

We will present you with a proposal for your landscape design that includes 3D visualisations of the final outcome as well as construction costings. As each project is different, each design will come with a varying estimate.



Upon receiving your feedback on the project proposal, we will finalise your design, ensuring that every detail is to your liking. From here we can commence the construction phase, starting with any necessary council approvals and site preparation.

Importance of Landscape Design

When renovating your home interior, you wouldn’t dream of making any major changes without having a design in place first. Your landscape design requires the same approach. It’s essential to have a firm plan on paper that confirms all of the details and ensures the concept will work within your space.

With the inclusion of 3D images, your landscape design will provide you with a visualisation of how your completed landscape will look, allowing you to get a clear impression of your completed project before construction commences. While variations can be handled as they arise during construction, it’s always best to have an agreed upon plan before any works begin.