Stunning Outdoor Patio by Revell Landscaping

Why Add a Patio?

The great Australian summer is incomplete without a few gatherings around the barbeque, so making sure your entertainment space is ready is a must!

A Patio, pergola or alfresco area adds another level of luxury by creating an entertainment area where your family and friends can enjoy the shade or set up a dining table. It can also be used to:

  • Define activity zones
  • Create focal points
  • Separate areas according to function
  • Provide transitions from one area to another

Patio design and construction is one of the many landscape renovation and creation services we offer because we believe a simple structure such as a patio or veranda can transform your living space and add significant value to your home.

Outdoor kitchen and patio design in Swanbourne by Revell Landscaping Perth

Patio Design

The installation of a patio creates a practical purpose for your outdoor area that you will love. Our team will work with you to sift through the large variety of shapes, colours, styles and designs to find your perfect patio design, ensuring all elements are perfectly detailed including:

  • Roof shape
  • Colour palette
  • Opaque, tinted, or transparent sheeting
  • Sheeting and beam material
  • Attached or detached
  • Cladded or open sides


Hillarys Alfresco Design by Revell Landscaping in Perth

Gable Patio

Gable roofs are classic, angular-shaped roofs that cover an oblong or square space. Exhibiting a strong presence and style, the pitched roof of a Gable Patio is endowed with an open feel that will enrich your home and outdoor entertainment area.

Pyramid patio with tin roof and decking

Pyramid Patio

Following the ancient Egyptians pyramids, all sides of this patio meet in the middle creating a pyramid. With open sides that cover a square area, this patio is perfect for a stand-alone garden nook or a simple carport.

Revell Landscaping decking and patio inspiration in the Perth hills

Hip End Patio

With all the class of a gable roof but with added style, a hip end patio creates elegance and quality with its extra beams and pitched roof. The most versatile of patio options, a hip end patio is suitable for pergolas, carports, outdoor living spaces and as an extension of your home.

Revell Patio Landscaping Design Small Space

Flat Roof Patio

A traditional and simple design, flat roof patio designs are excellent if you’re covering an oddly shaped area. With loads of customisable combinations, a flat roof can extend the natural lines of your roof and join your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Stunning poolside patios by Revell Landscaping in Perth

Skillion Roofs

Skillion roofs are characterised by their raised angular design. A skillion patio roof is perfect for covering areas that are heavily exposed to sunlight and can protect areas from the elements. By extending from the house, the angular design can raise the perceived ceiling height. Western Australian weather can be extreme and unpredictable, so trust the patio builders who know Perth’s conditions.

Carport renovation designed to match the look of the house


Carport flat kits usually come in a one-size-fits-all design that is not in keeping with your house design and usually looks out of place. Choose a custom carport design from Revell Landscaping and you will be able to match even the tiniest detail with your house to create a consistent theme.

Hip End Patio with Tin Roof

The team at Revell will assist in creating your garden oasis; whether for commercial or residential outdoor spaces, we have the landscaping ideas and design options to spruce up your property!

Revell can also transform your outdoor space with our total landscaping solution to seamlessly blend your patio in with your home and its architecture.

With 19 years of experience, Revell Landscaping has worked with residential and commercial Perth clients to deliver quality designs and great service. If you’re looking for a customised patio that blends seamlessly with your house and backyard, choose Revell Landscaping.

Pyramid Patio and landscaping by Revell Landscaping in Perth

Patio Installation

At Revell we are so confident in our landscape construction methods that we offer a unique guarantee of 7 years for structural work, 6months for all minor defects and even a 3 month guarantee for your plants.

Masterpieces are created through the combination of our experienced landscape designers and our trusted landscapers. We will cater to your budget when you are seeking a landscape makeover or patio design and construction services. We take pride in delivering results that exceed your expectations.

Revell Landscaping Cabana Pergola and Decking Inspiration

Additions to Your Patio

A patio may just be a roof to some people, but we have seen a number of customers turn their outdoor area into a landscape architect’s delight. From incorporating fire pits or installing an outdoor kitchen, hot tub or pool.

Be sure to keep an eye on our blog, our project gallery, or speak to our landscape architects for more ideas on how to add to your outdoor entertainment area.