Why get a spa?

A spa is the perfect area to relax and unwind. A spa will not only add value to your home but will also offer value in comparison to pools.

Spas have cheaper running costs and require less space than pools and no permit is required to install a spa. The benefits of a spa can be enjoyed all year round and you’ll save on costs of closing it up during winter.

You can choose to have a spa by itself or even integrate the spa with an existing pool with both bodies of water connecting. The integration of a spa and pool is a popular choice as it creates a captivating water feature.

A spa landscape is enhanced when installed amongst plants, natural rocks, and decking or paving. It creates a perfect means for a party or a private retreat.

Different Types of Outdoor Spas

Fiberglass Spa

A fiberglass spa is ideal for those looking for quality while also sticking to a budget; fiberglass spas are notably less expensive compared to gunite spas. The smooth surface of fiberglass makes it very easy to clean and maintain. While the spa can’t go entirely in the ground, a deck can be built around the spa to create ease of access or a larger entertaining space, like one of our recent 3D designs. Fiberglass spas are versatile products and available in many different colours, shapes, sizes, and jet options.

Swim Spa

If you are looking for a spa with the benefits of a pool, then the swim spa is a perfect choice. The spa is rectangular in shape allowing you to swim distances with the water flowing from just one end of the spa working against the swimmer. The flow rates are adjustable, and the choice of the spa will save you the costs associated with a swimming pool.

Gunite Spa

Similar to a small pool, the gunite spa can stand alone or be integrated with a larger pool. A gunite spa is an expensive option, and the costliest to heat but offers many opportunities in terms of spa designs, build, sizes and shapes. They can be entirely placed in the ground or raised to form a waterfall depending on the design.

Walk in Spas

As the name suggests, a walk in spa allows users to easily enter the spa by walking through a dual door. Walk in spas have been designed for those with limited mobility to encourage fitness, taking away the stress of access barriers and the risk of slipping in the spa.  The spa is innovative and highly functional while still providing a relaxing hydrotherapy and light exercise experience.

Outdoor Portable Spa

A portable spa sits above ground with the ‘Shell’ and all equipment stored in a cabinet. Multiple cabinet colour options are available.

Pro Tip: Spas come is a wide range of make and colours. Always aim for tubs or integrated concrete spas with a warranty. Most or all Australian pool distributors would follow the current national standards of safety.

Spa designs and landscaping

When choosing a spa, consider how the spa would best enhance your home and yard by either complementing the existing environment or forming part of your new landscaping project. You want to ensure your new spa will fit seamlessly into the available space, and around your outdoor seating, kitchen and entertaining areas.

You ideally want to optimise your space allowing for maximum accessibility to the spa and great views from the spa.  The inclusion of natural rocks and plants in your spa landscaping plans will help to create a more natural look. If choosing to include plants and trees, be sure to select species that are not likely to drop leaves and seeds in the spa.

To create a more contemporary design, consider decking or paving around the spa. Decking can be used to create a multi-layered platform or an elevated two-step design leading into the spa. Installing lights will add that extra ‘wow’ factor to your new landscape, adding both style and practicality, allowing you to use the space in the evenings. To further ensure usability all year round, spas can be installed under undercover structures like gazebos.

Privacy can be created using screens, fences, and walls. Screens and fences will provide you with your own personal space while maintaining an open feel.


The spa installation process varies depending on whether you choose to install your spa above ground or in the ground. The professional team at Revell will ensure smooth installation of your spa and will work with you to curate a functional spa landscape.