Retaining Walls Perth

Retaining Walls Perth

What are Retaining Walls?

If your home sits on a hilly street, you’ve likely considered a retaining wall at one point or another.

Retaining walls are structural walls build to offer extra support, especially on slopes that are erosion prone. Often seen in homes or public properties, these barriers are used to protect from outsiders and divide land.

Depending on your location and the look you want, a small or large retaining wall is the perfect way to break up your property and add an interesting feature.

Retaining Walls Perth
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Why Get Retaining Walls?

Retaining walls have been used to divide properties and prevent erosion for thousands of years, dating back to ancient civilisations. Machu Picchu in Peru and the rice terraces of Bali are some of the most famous retaining walls.

There are proven benefits to having retaining walls: increasing the usability of your land, managing water flow, and adding unique hardscape to your pristine landscape, to name a few.

Usability of Land

Like the ancient people of Peru and other developed highland regions, building on a hill or slope makes way for breathtaking views but can pose restrictions to potential land use. Not only do retaining walls enhance your vistas, they also give you more opportunity to grow a luscious garden and prevent downhill soil erosion.

Another way retaining walls help with a top-notch raised garden is by creating a barrier from the garden to the rest of your yard


If fencing isn’t for you, getting a retaining wall instead can be a a bold statement that increases the privacy and security of your property.

Water Management

Retaining walls are also used in the animal kingdom – beavers and otters build the most primative type of retaining walls: dams. Retaining walls can be a clever way to integrate pools and water features with your new or existing landscaping.

Increase Property Value

Having a good retaining wall can increase the value of your property. Adding a retaining wall and a landscape to compliment your home will improve the look and usability of your outdoor area.

Practical Landscaping Add-on

Retaining walls can easily be multipurpose; they make a great foundation for box planters, can be used as a hedge top for plants or decorations, and create the perfect makeshift seating area.

Aesthetic Integrity

Along with outstanding structural strength, retaining walls also add an attractive detail to your yard. Retaining walls add a wow factor to existing landscapes and can be used as a foundation for future landscaping changes. Once you’ve installed retaining walls, finish your dream landscape with the right plants and patio décor.

Types of Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are incredibly versatile, with extensive design options to consider when planning your own retaining wall.

Stone Retaining Walls

Stone for retaining walls comes in different shapes and sizes.

Add a charming touch to your landscape or create a retaining wall with a modern edge – the possibilities are endless!

Concrete Retaining Walls

Bold and hardy, concrete blocks or a pour over structure is sturdy and can last a lifetime. Each block of concrete is selected carefully for uniformity. Pouring over is the option to pour cement to create tailor-made blocks of concrete to match a specification of your walls.

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Brick Retaining Walls

Brick is another classic option that comes in a range of colours and sizes. Simple and rustic, or clean and modern, brick is a great option for all styles of retaining walls.

Timber Retaining Walls

Timber or other wood designs are also available for those who prefer a natural look to their landscape. However, wood has the potential to last for a shorter time due to the moisture in the soil.

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Where to Put Retaining Walls?

Retaining walls work perfectly anywhere around your property that requires a solid structure to separate sections.

More specifically:

  • Along the edges of the driveway
  • Between the sidewalk and the property
  • In the backyard to increase land use
  • To upgrade an outdoor wall that’s either cracking, sagging, bulging or leaning
  • Areas of the property where you want a patio – retaining walls can help carve out a patio

Why Choose Revell Landscaping?

At Revell Landscaping, we are committed to beautiful landscapes. We’ve been in the Perth landscaping industry for over 14 years, creating beautiful outdoor projects for hundreds of clients in the Perth metro area and around Western Australia.

We work with our valued customers to understand their vision and bring their landscaping goals to life. Together, we’ll work out an outcome that meets your budget, vision, and expectations.

Our experienced team of builders and designers work in synergy to flawlessly create your landscape. We pride ourselves on our communication and the attention to detail we put into all of our projects. We strive to create perfect landscapes that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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Fast Completion Times

Our efficient scheduling system and quality tradespeople means your project gets to completion quicker.

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Project Management

We give you a dedicated management team to look after your development every step of the way.

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In-house Team

Our full-time, skilled landscaping team and proven, reliable sub-contractors means you’re not wondering “who’s that on my property?”

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No Mess

We remove all our materials after completion, maintain a tidy worksite and leave your place spotless when we finish.

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Regular Communication

We give you clear, informed communication throughout all phases of the project.

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Workmanship Guarantee

We guarantee all structural work for 7 years, all minor defects for 6 months and your plants for 3 months (terms & conditions may apply)

Reviews From Revell Landscaping Customers

Erica Payne
Erica Payne
Very professional and easy to work with. Good communication. A quality job with which we’re very happy. Thanks to Mark and the Revell more
Michelle Glasson
Michelle Glasson
We have used Revell for two landscaping projects now and cannot be happier. Great to work with and brilliant results.
Sophie Marie
Sophie Marie
We are very pleased with how our garden and patio turned out. Revell were always on time and listened to what we wanted and had great ideas as well.Highly recommend them!read more
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Sara Sulway
Thank you Mark, Tony and the rest of the team for delivering a wonderful result that has completely exceeded our expectations. We can honestly say that we wouldn't change a more
Renee King
Renee King
Thank you to the team at Revell Landscaping for doing such a beautiful job in landscaping our front and back garden! Mark and the team were very professional and worked hard to create the garden we envisioned and did it with care. Thanks again and thank you for the lovely hamper we received after it was completed. What a nice surprise!read more