Landscaping design with feature retaining walls

Practical & Stylish Retaining Walls

There are many practical benefits that can be gained from using retaining walls in your front or back garden. If your outdoor space has a sloping landscape, an effective retaining wall design is the perfect way to even out your area. We can use retaining walls to add depth or height to your landscaping design and help you maximise your available space.

Retaining walls are highly versatile and can be constructed as low-rise planter boxes or as tall, boundary walls that provide privacy and security to your home. When appropriately positioned throughout your garden, retaining walls can also prevent soil erosion and assist in managing water flow. As different parts of Perth offer varying soil conditions, we can provide you with an appropriate solution that’s customised to the needs of your garden.

While installing your own retaining walls may seem easy enough, our professional team can ensure that you get the best possible outcome. With expertise in landscaping design and architecture, we know how to build retaining walls that serve a specific purpose while also creating a certain aesthetic that complements the style of your home.

Garden landscape featuring lighting & retaining walls

Decorative Feature Walls

Your creativity is all that limits your garden wall design. We can draw interest to certain plant life in your landscaping through the use of planter box walling, or the walls can become the feature by making a design statement.

Feature walls can often make a striking addition to a pool area and can also be accompanied by creative lighting designs. A decorative outdoor wall could also serve as the foundation for a water fountain or other water feature. Our team can work with a wide variety of material types and styles to create your desired feature wall.

Kalamunda landscaping project with stairs, retaining walls and garden

Types Of Garden Walling

Each project we undertake begins with a design consultation that allows us to understand every aspect of your vision. From there, our team will turn your dream garden into a reality, providing you with a design that works within your budget. As part of this process, we will recommend the most suitable types of garden walling for your outdoor area.

From classic natural limestone to sleek and elegant timber, we can build any type of garden wall that best fits your outdoor space. We can use brick and render for a simple and clean finish or inject texture and visual interest with stone cladding. Alternatively, concrete or even modular garden walls may be the ideal solution for you. Either way, our experts will provide you with the right advice to ensure the end result exceeds your expectations.