Commercial landscaping design

Revell Landscaping are your ideal choice for commercial landscape design in Perth. We’ve got years of experience designing high quality, functional outdoor areas that are tailored to suit your unique property and location.

Our team of landscape architects will take a wide range of client-specific factors into account when designing your area; we consider your physical site limitations, plant preferences, current and planned architectural elements, modern and traditional design inspiration, local environmental conditions, materials, construction methods, and ongoing support requirements.

Landscaping construction

Landscaping construction from Revell is a full-service solution for your project. Our team of project managers, tradespeople, gardeners, and trusted landscape contractors have successfully constructed many residential and commercial projects in Perth, and around Western Australia.

We construct projects of all sizes:

  • Gardens and lawns
  • Buildings and structures
  • Hardscape: paths, paving, decking
  • Irrigation and drainage systems
  • Water features: pools, ponds
  • Nature playgrounds

Commercial landscape maintenance

In addition to designing and installing the landscape for your property, we offer services to manage and take care of your attractive new garden or landscaping. Our team of landscape gardeners and horticulturists have the skillset and experience to take care of all your upkeep needs and keep your property in pristine condition.

Commercial landscape maintenance services from Revell include season-based support, lawn and turf maintenance, tree and plant care, weed prevention and pest control, plant nutrition and pruning, employing water-wise principles through irrigation system setup and maintenance, and preservation of structures, hard services, and decks.

Nature playgrounds

More and more researchers, educators and parents are recognising the benefits of nature play for children. Nature playgrounds allow kids to reconnect with nature and encourage a love of our unique Western Australian environment. Not only beautiful but environmentally friendly, nature playgrounds offer a low maintenance, unrestrictive and sensitive approach to garden planning. You will also enjoy engaging with the bird life that may come to enjoy your natural scape!

Revell Landscaping are at the forefront of nature playground design and construction, developing nature playgrounds, which provide inspiring, adventurous and creative environments for children and adults alike. All Revell nature playgrounds are purpose designed for their specific location and purpose and can feature fire pits, forts, cubby houses, creek beds, water pumps, decking, deck seating, gardens, and so much more.

Commercial landscaping tips

Adding landscaping to your property is a big investment. Here are some tips to maximise the impact of your landscaping before you commit:

Know your priorities: do you want your landscape to increase the value of your property, create a space for outdoor entertainment, reduce heat and improve privacy, or simply improve curb appeal?

Customise based on size, shape, location: use soft and hardscaping to suit the conditions of your building and use plants that are suited for the amount of light and rainwater they’ll receive.

Take the existing space and structures into consideration: design your landscape around the existing structures and space available to get the most natural, seamless look and feel.

Save water + maintenance: install a reticulation or irrigation system that uses water-wise principles to save water. Decrease the maintenance required by using drought-tolerant, native plants.

Choose an experienced commercial landscaping company: avoid landscaping mistakes and mishaps by choosing a landscaping company with a solid reputation and experience in a range of projects.

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