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Paving Design and Installation Perth

Enhance your home, driveway, patio and outdoor living space with our range of pavers. The design and appearance of outdoor spaces are just of importance than of a home itself, and with most West Australians enjoying the outdoors, beautiful outdoor living spaces are of great value. Whether you are paving the patio, creating beautiful garden paths, or installing a new driveway, pavers provide a quality solution that will add value and style to your home and landscape.

We offer paving products and services that suit both commercial and residential paving needs in Perth, with our knowledgeable team ready to provide expert advice and to assist with all projects from start to finish.

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Paving Perth | Revell Landscaping

Why Choose Paving?

Quality paving can connect outdoor areas, add a stylish finish, enhance the value of your property, and transform outdoor living areas into inviting entertainment spaces.  Pavers are available in a range of textures, colours, designs and shapes to ensure the paving complements the design needs of the space.

Paved driveways offer more design choices, and pavers can easily be installed to fit the shape and size of the driveway. Compared to many alternatives, pavers can be repaired with more ease and at a smaller cost.

No matter the scope of your project, pavers are a quality choice guaranteed to bring satisfaction.

Paving Design

Pavers come in an extensive range of designs, colours, sizes and shapes making it easy to find a paver that complements the existing environment. Considering the style of your area and your colour requirements will help you ensure you select a paver that best fits your style and area.

Paving Perth | Revell Landscaping
Paving Perth | Revell Landscaping


The classic brick pavers, although relatively more expensive, are the most popular type of paving. Brick pavers are incredibly durable and are guaranteed to last, making them suitable for high-use areas and driveways.

Paving Perth | Revell Landscaping


Concrete paving offers durability and versatility and is inexpensive compared to other types of paving.

Paving Perth | Revell Landscaping


Elegant in design, limestone pavers offer a natural beauty that makes them a perfect choice for garden areas as they can be easily coordinated with plants. Limestone pavers are strong and durable and are suitable for internal and external areas including wet areas as they have a non-slip texture.

Paving Perth | Revell Landscaping


Travertine pavers are made from natural stone giving them beautiful and unique textures. These pavers have a natural feel yet are still versatile and long-lasting.

Paving Perth | Revell Landscaping


With a beautiful finish and incredible practicality, aggregate pavers are highly popular. These pavers are non-slip, hard-wearing and extremely durable and versatile. They are suitable for all environments because of their durability including hazardous and high-impact areas.

Paving Perth | Revell Landscaping


Flagstone pavers are outdoor pavers particularly useful for large areas. Flagstone pavers are cut into various shapes and sizes making them stand out from other pavers.

Paving Perth | Revell Landscaping


Bluestone pavers are formed out of hardened volcanic stones. They are strong and durable making them suitable for a range of applications.

Paving Perth | Revell Landscaping


Made from natural stone, Granite Pavers can transform any area, adding elegance and beauty. They are also suitable for a range of applications including high traffic areas.

Paving Perth | Revell Landscaping


Porcelain Pavers are very easy to maintain as they are durable and stain resistant. Stronger and harder than most pavers, Porcelain Pavers are perfect for the garden, patio and entertainment areas.

Paving Installation Perth

Whether you want a beautiful entertainment area, or want to be more environmentally sustainable, pavers can ensure your yard space is an oasis. With years of combined experience, expertise and knowledge, the Revell Landscaping team will design and construct your ideal outdoor living space.

With Revell, you’re ensured quality and assured great service. Revell paving will seamlessly blend into your home and yard space.

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Why choose Revell Landscaping?

The team at Revell will help you choose the right kind of paving for your desired location. Based on the requirements for strength and durability there are different kinds of maintenance required for different pavers.

Revell will also help you select the right pavers to suit your budget. If you’re considering paving and are in need of advice and ideas, then get in contact with our professional team today who will help you choose the best cost-effective paving solutions for your project.

We are confident in our landscaping methods, so much so that we offer a unique guarantee of 7 years for structural work, 6 months for all minor defects and even a 3-month guarantee for your plants.



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Fast Completion Times

Our efficient scheduling system and quality tradespeople means your project gets to completion quicker.

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Project Management

We give you a dedicated management team to look after your development every step of the way.

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In-house Team

Our full-time, skilled landscaping team and proven, reliable sub-contractors means you’re not wondering “who’s that on my property?”

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No Mess

We remove all our materials after completion, maintain a tidy worksite and leave your place spotless when we finish.

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Regular Communication

We give you clear, informed communication throughout all phases of the project.

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Workmanship Guarantee

We guarantee all structural work for 7 years, all minor defects for 6 months and your plants for 3 months (terms & conditions may apply)

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