Contemporary Paving Styles

Our landscape designers are committed to staying on top of all the latest trends in outdoor living. In recent years, natural stone pavers such as travertine and granite have become increasingly popular. The durable surface combined with unique colour blends and textures makes natural stone a welcome addition to any modern landscaping design.

Poured concrete aggregate is also being used more and more due to its minimalist style and uniform finish that can help create the impression of spaciousness. As it blocks weeds and ants from coming to the surface, poured concrete is an excellent choice for low maintenance landscaping. Porcelain and ceramic tile pavers offer similar maintenance benefits, while giving your outdoor space a contemporary edge.

Outdoor Living & Alfresco Paving

Your outdoor space is naturally going to need some form of paving in order to be usable. There are many varieties of pavers that are suitable to use in alfresco areas, but each type will impact the aesthetic of your landscape in a different way.

We can create visual interest through the use of contrasting textures and a mix of honed and unhoned pavers, while also ensuring your paving fulfils your needs from a practical perspective. For instance, when it comes to pool landscaping, smooth, honed surfaces are ideal to use for comfort and safety purposes.

Once we have an idea of your personal needs and preferences, we can style your paving to suit your overall landscaping design and theme.

Durable Driveway Surfaces

As Perth homes generally feature a double garage, your driveway is likely to take up a large portion of space in your front landscaping. It’s important to use pavers in the right colours and textures to ensure your driveway works in harmony with all the other elements in your landscaping design as well as the architecture of your home.

On top of finding the right aesthetic, you’re also going to need a durable solution that can withstand weather, foot traffic and tyre tread. We take the same approach to driveway paving installation as all other aspects of your landscape, simply placing greater emphasis on practicality.

Types Of Paving

With so many types of pavers available, you may find it challenging to choose the best materials and colours for your outdoor area. Our professional designers can recommend the most effective type of paving for your vision and budget, while providing expert advice on your colour selections.

To help you find some inspiration for your outdoor living space, here are some of the paving types that we use in our landscaping projects:

  • Poured Concrete Aggregate
  • Limestone
  • Travertine
  • Granite
  • Bluestone
  • Tiling
  • Porcelain
  • Brick

Get In Touch

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