10 Things to Consider For Your Garden Plan

Making the decision to renovate or update your landscape can be both an exciting and stressful one. There’s so much to take into consideration from council permits to the theme or style you want to create to the types of plants that will work best in Perth’s climate.

We’ve asked our team of landscape designers to put together the top 10 things you should consider when taking on a landscaping project.

1. Enhance the architectural style of your home.

Match your outdoor areas to the theme and style of your house and décor, so that your home flows effortlessly from one space to the other.

2. Design for your shape and slope.

Work with your block and not against it! A sloping block is a great excuse to play with level changes, and awkward corners are easily hidden with the right plants and features.

3. Maximise your space.

How do you want to use your garden? Consider how much space you have and what will add the most value for your family now, in the future and for resale.

4. Match your garden to your lifestyle.

Do you have time to maintain a lush tropical garden, or are you better off with low-maintenance natives?

5. Putting in a pool at some stage?

Consider this before starting your landscape design to save on costly structural pool and landscape changes down the track – future you will be thankful!

6. Save some space for relaxation.

The best spot in any garden is a cosy hideaway you can escape to. A cabana, pavilion, hanging eggchair, cosy patio or hidden garden bench will do the trick!

7. Outdoor dining.

Your alfresco is made up of protection from the elements and a solid foundation – plan ahead so they match! We love exposed aggregate with a shady umbrella, natural stone with a shade cloth or timber decking below an undercroft.

8. Fill your garden with natural beauty.

Plants and trees turn an outdoor space into a garden. There is a lot to consider here, most importantly the climate, sunlight and soil type – which can vary even from one side of your block to the other! Enlisting expert help to suggest the right plants for you will achieve the best results.

9. Get creative!

Don’t be afraid to add some design flair to your landscape with raised planters, water features, in built seating, fire pits and ornamentation.

10. Light it up.

Complete your garden with the right lighting and placement to create a magical mood, perfect for entertaining or simply enjoying your own private oasis. Uplit trees are especially beautiful!

One final aspect to consider is your local council. Each council will have their own guidelines and requirements, so it’s important to consider these before planting trees or making structural changes to your garden.