5 Ways to Turn Your Outdoors Into A Retreat

Over the years, gardening has been affectionately referred to as ‘the slowest of the performing arts.’ It generally moves along at its own pace, with little care for wider trends. After all, you can’t tell an oak tree to hurry along. You can’t demand that a lawn shoots up out of the ground when it’s most convenient. In short, you’ve got to work with what Mother Nature gives you.

It is an idea which lies at the heart of high-quality landscape design. In fact, the best landscaping ideas don’t erase what is already there; they take its strengths and turn them into something magical. At Revell, we work closely with customers to transform tired outdoor spaces into welcoming, dynamic retreats.

We’ve got plenty of great ideas, so let us inspire you this summer. Keep reading to find out how to get your garden ready for guests.

The Return of Natural Materials

Over the last five years, we’ve seen a growing preference for crisp, clean materials. We’re talking about sleek, minimalistic metal furniture and angular designs. However, all of that seems to be changing and proving that landscaping does indeed have its fashionable ebbs and flows. At the moment, there is a renewed interest in rustic wood, free form decking, swing sweating, and a much simpler, more classic aesthetic.

The Rise of Hyper-Localism

This move away from plastics and metals is influencing a demand for locally sourced materials and species. Landscaping experts are now using more endemic, local, and native plants because homeowners are keen to take on the challenge of creating more out of less. They want their designs to be eco-conscience and geographically sensitive. So, if you want to spruce your yard up in time for a summer party, speak to a landscape architect about how to get your hands on the best endemic species.

Reinventing the Lawn

The traditional lawn, with its neatly manicured edges, has become synonymous with domesticity and family life. However, it isn’t always compatible with the pressures of modernity. Water shortages, drought, concerns about fertilisers, and the environmental impact of lawn maintenance are all contributing to change. To keep your lawn looking superb all year round, you can now swap arduous mowing and mulching for innovative new grass mixes. Some don’t need to be cut at all and others are combined with tougher prairie grasses for a longer life.

Creating a Space for Play

If you’re planning to give your outdoor space a bit of a makeover, why not get creative and add some really fun features? ‘Playing out’ doesn’t have to be just for the kids. Some of the most beautiful landscaping designs contain grown up toys like hammocks, fireplaces, and miniature sports courts. The thing to remember, particularly if you work with a first rate landscape designer, is that you can adapt ambitious ideas to fit your space and budget.

Making Garden Maintenance Easy

If you plan to use your garden for entertaining, it is a good idea to incorporate low maintenance designs. You don’t want a yard which needs complete overhauling every time barbeque season rolls around. Think neat, tidy plants with a multifunctional nature. Dwarf shrubs, for example, are very hardy things. They can survive on only minimal care and they look great positioned along winding borders and pathways. Similarly, taller screening trees provide both privacy and a leafy, appealing aesthetic.

How to Hire the Best Landscaping Team
When it comes to hiring a great landscaping team, you need to be looking for designers who can get passionate about your ideas. At Revell Landscaping, we are realistic and honest about what is and isn’t possible, we are always willing to adapt ideas if they cannot be achieved within your budget, timeframe, or garden dimensions. In short, you need a landscaping team who believes in your vision – contact the team at Revell Landscaping in Perth today!