6 Sustainable Landscaping Design Ideas

Eco-Geek Environment - 6 Sustainably Serene Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Landscaping Design

It is a little-understated fact that getting back to nature has long-lasting health benefits, calming the mind and releasing stress. According to Natural Health Mag, rather than turn to medication, we should instead be attuning ourselves to nature, enveloping ourselves in the aromas and textures of our environment.

Stress is known to induce:

  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive disorders
  • Hypertension
  • Chronic pain
  • Anxiety

If you are looking to break the cycle, then relief may be closer than you think. Simply creating a haven to retire to in your own backyard, can have long-lasting health benefits. Here are six sustainable serene ideas to incorporate into your landscape design.

Eco-Geek Environment - 6 Sustainably Serene Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Landscaping DesignLandscaping for Healthier Living  

A well-designed and landscaped garden can produce a positive feng shui and enhance your connection to nature. Composing an oasis of native flowers and trees which lures birds, butterflies and other wildlife, can be simply done through thoughtful design ideas. Revell Landscaping can introduce you to architecturally sympathetic landscaping that will flow seamlessly and transform your garden into a delight to the senses, relaxing you and revitalising your mind and body.

Japanese Gardens 

In Japan, creating a beautiful garden is considered a fine art along the same lines as calligraphy. Through the use of Koi ponds, enchanting bridges and gently flowing waterfalls you can create a magical, serene oasis. Rockeries, meandering paths and manicured gardens are all hallmarks of the traditional Japanese garden. Stone or wood pagodas can be erected and each feature carries a symbolism as well as imbuing a calming effect upon the senses. The charm of these gardens delight children and adults alike as they explore the array of aspects, such a delightful garden inspires.

Eco-Geek Environment - 6 Sustainably Serene Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Landscaping Design

Water Features 

Not every backyard has the capacity to include a full sized pool but that doesn’t mean you need to forgo the beauty of water altogether. Smaller inner-city blocks with courtyard gardens can still be enhanced with a centrepiece water feature. Small fountains, cascades and waterfalls generate negative ions which can have a positive effect on your overall health. As well as having a rejuvenating effect on the body, negative ions attract dust and thus act to purify the air you breathe. The tranquil sounds of flowing water are also considered to be therapeutic – relaxing your mind, body and soul.

Growing Goodness 

The traditional veggie patch which was once a common sight in gardens is making a return. In place of flower beds, many people (including those with compact garden spaces) are incorporating fruit trees, vegetable patches and herb gardens, into their landscaping designs. Involving children in growing and maintaining an environmentally sustainable, organic garden is a reward unto itself, aside from the health giving benefits of mouth watering, giving life-giving food.

Eco-Geek Environment - 6 Sustainably Serene Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Landscaping DesignSwinging Serenity 

Imagine a cool spring day the birds twittering in the trees and the sun warming you with it’s gentle rays as you sway gently in a soft, calming breeze. There is nothing so relaxing to the mind and spirit as reclining in a hammock, suspended chair or a wicker pod, in a quiet spot, separated from the bustle of modern life. Many folks are trepidacious about sitting out in the sun for any length of time due to fear-inducing headlines about the link between overexposure to the sun and cancer. Conversely, vitamin D which is synthesised and absorbed via our skin through the sun’s rays is a vital nutrient which promotes:

  • Strong bones – preventing osteoporosis
  • Healthy teeth
  • Infection and disease fighting components

Unfortunately, very few foods contain any or adequate amounts of this vitamin D so regulated, short exposure to the sun can be beneficial.

Bali High 

Including a pergola or Bali hut in your landscaping plans can add an attractive, eco-friendly edge to your garden aspect. Through the use of natural materials, these structures create sustainable, useful sanctuaries which can be used for tai chi, pilates and yoga. Incorporating a massage or aromatherapy table and piping calming music and isochronic tones softly through a sound system will de-stresses and soothe the mind. Blend this with strategic meditation techniques and it will induce a state of inner peace and serenity.

At Revell Landscaping we can design and construct versatile designs which will blend in with the natural environment and add beauty, elegance, charm and value to your home. Don’t waste the hidden health potential of your garden – Call us today for a free consultation.