How Lavish Gardens Increase Property Value

If you are looking to sell your home sometime soon, you are probably trying to pull out all the stops when it comes to increasing your property value. Landscaping is one way that you can increase the value of your property, by up to 29%. Landscaping is also a win–win proposition as it not only adds visual appeal to your home, it offers a host of environmental and health benefits. Here are some ways in which landscaping can increase your property value.

Solve Problems With Plants

Landscaping is a fantastic way to solve your property’s shortfalls, whether it is overlooking neighbours or unsightly busy roads. Whilst the actual plants may not initially create a full visual barrier or any solid sound improvement, the perceived improvement from a buyer’s point of view will be worth it.

A New Lawn Will Make Your Home Sparkle

If your lawn currently looks a little bit patchy or has been affected by a harsh winter, laying down a lush new one will definitely add some pizzazz and value to your home. If you are covering quite a vast area and are looking for a cost-effective option, Kikuyu is a great option. Kikuyu is around 50 per cent cheaper than Buffalo grass. For example, replacing 100 square metres of lawn in Premium Buffalo will set you back approximately $8.50 per square metre, whilst Kikuyu will cost you only $4.50 per square metre.

Mulch And Weed

Weeding and mulching your plant beds is essential for building a favourable first impression. A well kept garden creates the perception of a low-maintenance garden, a great selling point for home buyers. Opt for pine bark or forest fines as utility mulches look much neater, and when you are selling, appearance is everything.

Gardens Increase Curb Appeal

Curb appeal refers to very first impression potential buyers have when they first see your house, before they even approach your door or walk inside. The first impression is actually more important than the money rooms – your kitchen and bathrooms. You want prospective buyers to be instantly captivated and taken by the charm of your humble abode. With the right attention to your garden and landscaping, your house can look like the home of their dreams.

A Garden Of Health

Consider planting a fragrant herb garden. Lavender, peppermint, dill and rosemary are all common favourites. The assortment of herbs will make great borders, not to mention greet potential buyers with an irresistible aroma. Don’t forget to entertain the idea of growing vegetables in the garden too. This age-old practice is making a huge comeback in modern neighbourhoods and is becoming accepted as a great way of putting more high-quality food on the family table for less money. This way, your garden becomes not only something beautiful to look at, but something that is practical and can add to your quality of life – a sure hit with the buyers!

With some well-thought-out landscaping, you’ll be adding thousands to your property value, a win win situation for both you and potential buyers. Don’t forget to contact us should you have any queries about landscaping your property.