Proven Pool Landscaping Tips for Summer

If your pre-summer project includes planning, building or re-inventing your existing pool and pool landscaping, then read this first!

If you’re building a pool for the first time, or already have one to splash in – the pool landscaping can truly make all the difference to you and your family’s use of the space.

If you’re pool shopping, make a smart pick to suit your home and backyard size. The size and style of the pool you choose will impact your landscaping options, so it’s important to think of the entire project at the outset.

Explore these pool landscaping ideas and tips to transform your outdoor space into a stunning and inviting retreat.

Pro Tip: Balance Pieces with Practicality

Achieving aesthetic balance is key so think about your backyard’s layout, access to and around the pool, pool fencing, and the wider activities and accessories you ideally want within that space. Will it include a Bali hut, decked or paved area, sun lounges or outdoor kitchen?

Also map out your prospective guests’ movements from your home’s internal living space, gradually moving outside alongside the pool and ask questions, like:

  • Where will they walk, stand, gather?
  • Where will these folks eat and drink?
  • Will access to the pool be defined by a pathway?  Set out by steps?  Or stepping stones perhaps?
  • Will the pool’s level be higher, or lower than the rest of your yard?
  • Where will you keep pool machinery, chemicals and cover?
  • Where will water for the pool and pool landscaping be sourced from?
  • Is there ease of access?

Also, think about pool draining considerations for when wet weather strikes.

Clever design and pool landscaping can connect indoors with outdoors. It helps to integrate both in a practical sense as well as bringing the “cool pool serenity” atmosphere of your outdoor space, indoors.

Once you have the ‘picture’ of your pool and landscaping project planned out on paper, your next consideration is budget.

Start Smart: Budgeting and Supplier Sourcing

Getting clear on your budget will help you prioritise and make smarter decisions which will benefit you long term. Finding yourself short of funds and forced to shortcut your project will leave you miserable. Remember to leave a buffer for unpredictable expenses that inevitably crop up.

You’ll want to have sufficient cash set aside to pave around your pool and install any necessary pool fencing to meet safety regulations. Don’t forget to finish off the look and feel with pretty and practical plants and pool landscaping features.

Be sure to seek out several quotes from reputable contractors for each aspect of your project. Since your pool and, or pool landscaping project has been marked up, mapped out and listed on paper, quotes will be easier to compare. Ask that suppliers list out in detail what their pricing covers so you can match it up with the specific elements of your plan.

If you’re not sure where to find good contractors, website reviews are the place to start. Google the kind of suppliers you’re after in your locality and when the results pop up, check customer reviews. Reviews are a great help to consumers as the feedback system they provide keeps your risk level to a minimum. Consequently, it’s now easier than ever to find quality, reliable suppliers and contractors.

Pool landscaping ideas perth

Think Size – and be Safety-Wise

In the same way you might scale furniture and other elements inside your home so it all fits with flair, these principles apply to pool, and pool landscaping features too. Think past pool and backyard geometry. Aim for the shape and size of elements to be practical whilst also adding style.

Throughout the planning process, keep safety top of mind.

Steps, walkways, paving, shaded areas, huts, water features – and other structures need to be designed from a safety perspective. Accidents due to poolside play, are less likely to happen on your property if you are thinking about hazard prevention from the get-go!

Use lighting around your pool, and in your garden beds to add an extra sparkle of magic to poolside summer nights. Not only does the lighting look incredibly good, but also serves as a very prudent safety feature.

Pool landscaping tips perth

Clever Pool Landscaping for Perth Summer Success

Plants are a given when designing any home outdoor setting, and with a pool in the mix, they are a must. Pool landscaping for climates like Perth requires a certain level of research, especially if you’re not a regular green thumb. Choosing unsuitable plants for the climate can turn out to be an expensive headache. Harsh heat, direct summer sun and council regulations around watering days can mean only the hardiest plants survive!

Perth dwellers facing this challenge need not panic because there are plenty of ways to achieve lush and beautiful-looking pool landscaping, it’s simply a matter of knowing and understanding what to look for.

Finding a reliable landscaper is a great place to start. Most landscaping contractors are passionate people who love what they do and are only happy to share their knowledge and advice. Seek out companies offering a complimentary info pack or consult.

Get in touch and share your landscaping ideas and plans with them. Explain your budget, the size of your space, the amount of sun exposure, and available shade. Ensure they suit your overall lifestyle goals for the space.

A good local landscaping outfit will help you formulate a clear plant-purchasing strategy to complement your space. It will help you become acquainted with varieties of easy-care plants to see you through the seasons without wastage and need for plant replacement.

At Revell Landscaping, we help our clients troubleshoot all manner of outdoor challenges. We love what we do, and we’re great at finding affordable solutions that suit local folk just like you. We’d be only too happy to help you with your own Perth landscaping summer success story.