6 Steps Towards A Unique Garden Ambience

If your home is a delightful jewel then your garden should be the perfect setting which complements it and shows it off to its best advantage. Many people fall into the trap of neglecting their outdoor areas or leaving them bland and traditional, but a backyard should be a reflection of your personality and lifestyle – an extension of your house’s unique character. This uniqueness can be used to stunning effect through a number of design tricks and styling. You will be amazed what can be achieved by thinking outside the square (the square being your backyard).

Setting the scene

Even the smallest spaces benefit from design and planning. Incorporating landscaping ideas such as swim spas, walkways and hedges, can transform unused courtyards or large blocks into alluring spaces which draw and attract the eye. Colour can be used to accentuate features or alternatively to downplay areas such as necessary but incongruous sheds.  Vibrant colour can be implemented into every area of a backyard from pavers through to fencing, structures and plants.


Integrating zoning into your landscape design can make every corner of a backyard come to life, creating attractive, designated areas, each with its own specific use. Borders can be created through the artistic use of hedges and plantings to define zones, such as:

  • Children’s play areas, with cubby houses or playground equipment
  • Quiet meditation areas
  • Swimming pool and surrounds
  • Water features such as cascades and fountains
  • Seating with hammocks, egg and swing chairs
  • Entertainment zones with media such as TV and music
  • Meals section with tables and seating

Water features

The inclusion of a stunning water feature into any landscape design can transform a backyard from the mundane to the magnificent. Sympathetically designed to blend in with the style of your property and surrounds, swimming pools, cascades and fountains can be formal or have a natural rustic feel which blends in with the environment. Cascades incorporated into a pool design can have a dramatic impact on the feel of the pool environ.  Combine these with strategic lighting and you have a stunning, unique feature which will be coveted by all who visit.

It is imperative that swimming pools are designed to be viewed whilst standing in the home.  Parents, in particular, require this, as even older children need supervision whilst involved in water play. Remember that any water deeper than 30cm must be surrounded by a safety barrier which has a minimum height of 1.2 metres.  Stunning glass barriers can now be incorporated into pool surrounds which complement rather than detract from the pools aesthetics.

Entertaining Ideas

Incorporating buildings and structures into your landscape design will not only be a social magnet but also add value to your home. Make no mistake, aspirational living inclusions such as outdoor kitchens, strip heating and alfresco dining, can be the defining factor when selling a home. Blend entertaining spaces into the current design of your home to create a flow which translates to indoor/outdoor lifestyle. Adding the extra feature of dramatic lighting effects both in the entertaining and pool areas will combine to make a stunning night feature.


To most people, the advantages of a backyard are primarily the entertainment aspect and to have a little piece of earth where they can take a break from the stress and fast pace of the outside world. With thoughtful landscaping design, both these features can blend together to give you the best of both worlds.

Consider such delightful additions as:

  • A feature bridge
  • A koi pond
  • Fire pits (see our guide to setting up a fire pit here)
  • Chiminea or hearth
  • Massage cabana

Pergolas, Cabanas and Rotundas – oh my!

Backyards and swimming pool areas which incorporate freestanding or blended cabanas and pergolas can give even the most modest property, a million dollar essence. These structures are an ideal way to create separate zones for both adults and children, as well as acting as a feature, attracting people to venture further into the garden area. The landscaping and design concepts which can be integrated into a backyard are as limitless as your imagination.

Revell Landscaping in Perth is dedicated to transforming your backyard into a stunning and functional outdoor space. We take your individual ideas and turn them into a vibrant garden that you and your family can cherish for years. If you’re looking to unlock the full potential of your backyard, don’t hesitate to reach out to Revell Landscaping today!