5 Design Tips For a Beautiful Winter Backyard

For anyone who hasn’t noticed, winter has well and truly arrived in Perth.
The drop in temperatures not only makes the struggle out of bed in the mornings even more laborious, it also opens up a few challenges in your backyard.

Long gone are the bright flowering plants of spring and summer, but your garden needn’t be less beautiful during the chillier months.  With some careful guidance and planning, your garden can be a truly magical place in Winter, full of native shrubs which are grateful for the moister environment.

At Revell Landscaping, we are in the business of transforming backyards into perennial havens by designing and integrating hardy native plants, structures and finishes–to evoke beauty and tranquillity through strategic and stylistic design.

Winter warmth

Winter is the ideal time to plant flowering annuals.  These will add splashes of colour and transform the bleak into the beautiful.

Annuals are wonderful to border garden beds but can make a dramatic statement teamed with contemporary planters.  This method allows the gardener to move them as taste dictates.  Blend vibrant colours for a modern look, try orange marigolds with deep purple petunias or go with a contrast in size by incorporating pink cosmos with the fragile loftiness of Queen Anne’s lace.

Adapting to the climate

Working with our in-house designers we can adapt any areas for a cold, damp climate through:

  • Incorporating drainage and irrigation systems
  • Beautifully blended buildings and structures
  • Nature playgrounds where children are drawn outside and encouraged to interact with nature

We can also incorporate decking, paving and pathways to delineate borders and garden zones.

Health benefits

There is a wealth of scientific evidence to suggest that natural landscapes and building materials have a positive effect on our mental wellbeing.  Having the capacity to implement this therapeutic effect into one’s own backyard is a privilege–especially so if children are benefitting from the inclusion.

Some warm ideas

Winter needn’t be a time for you to hibernate indoors, away from the biting wind.
There are some wonderful innovations available to make your outdoor spaces comfortable havens, 365 days a year.  Consider these handy inclusions:

  • Zipped mesh blinds – a number of blinds now boast up to 90% wind and rain block.  Pair blinds with adequate heating and they will keep the warmth in and the winter chill out
  • Hard wired heat strips are an unobtrusive yet highly effective heat source for external, undercover areas
  • Chimineas, pot belly stoves and fire pits are all marvellous ways to maintain the warmth in your outdoor spaces

Textured taste

Winter is the season of wood.
It’s natural tone and textures ooze rustic charm and our landscaping construction, using structures designed to protect you from the elements, complement the environment and remain sustainable, are a wonderful addition to any garden, large or small.

Pool areas should still remain a feature during winter.  Through stylistically placed lighting, glass fencing, pavers, tiling and water features, your pool and surrounds will remain a stunning centrepiece even on the coldest days.


No matter what winter has to throw at us, Revell Landscaping in Perth has a solution to keep your backyard a winter wonderland, all the way through to spring and beyond. Explore our project gallery to view some of the magnificent transformations we have made in backyards just like yours.