Stanley St in Nedlands

The Vision

At Revell Landscaping, our vision was to create an exceptional outdoor space in Nedlands by utilizing raw materials in innovative ways. With a creative touch, we transformed concrete and recycled railway sleepers into integral elements of the design. The result is a captivating landscape that seamlessly combines natural and industrial aesthetics.

The Challenge

Revell Landscaping overcame numerous challenges during this project, including a sloping site, limited access, budget constraints, and pool compliance issues. Our dedicated team tackled each obstacle with expertise and innovation, resulting in a remarkable outdoor space that surpassed expectations while meeting all necessary regulations.

The Outcome

The outcome of this project is a true testament to our commitment to design excellence and creativity. The landscape seamlessly blends into the natural environment, creating a harmonious and captivating outdoor space. The use of space is seamless and cohesive, ensuring a functional and aesthetically pleasing design. Our dedication to quality and innovation was recognized on this Nedlands project as an award-winning design.

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