Woodlands Palm Springs Home

Contemporary, tropical landscape in Perth’s western suburbs.

The Vision

Our long-term client had a very clear vision for what they wanted to achieve with their landscape. Inspired by a recent trip to Palm Springs in the USA, our client was looking for a tropical landscape with a modern edge. The aim was to create a lush, green landscape that would complement the unique style of the existing architecture

The Challenge

When picturing California, tall palm trees and established landscapes are what come to mind.

As the Woodlands Residence was relatively new, the existing garden was fairly young and underdeveloped. Our team had to undertake advanced planting to give the home an instant established feel that still looked authentic.

With a striking, innovative design, the home was already making a very bold statement on its own. It was important to ensure the landscape did not overshadow the home, while maintaining the same simple, yet distinctive elegance.

The Outcome

We transformed our client’s home into a truly faithful recreation of sunny, Palm Springs using lush, green grass, a variety of plants and an illuminated palm tree feature that stands prominently in the front yard. In the evenings, a number of well-placed lights further accentuate the garden.

Other key features include a modern ‘Pietro’ – a large, wok-like planter bowl set in the front garden – and the dark, thermally modified ‘Vulcan’ timber screening in the pool area.

Overall, the Woodlands Residence landscape has a fresh and modern feel that allows the beautifully constructed home to be admired by passers-by.

Bali Inspired Pool Landscaping Perth

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