4 Spring Gardening Trends Worth The Effort

Keeping up with the latest gardening trends can be well worth your time and effort when you choose the right ones to focus on. Each year, new directions emerge in gardening, some of which prove to be more useful and impactful than others. And following these new shifts can lead you to look at your garden in an entirely new direction.

With spring well underway, now is the perfect time to take a look at what is trending and how you can implement these new ideas into your garden. We have compiled some of the most exciting, practical and innovative gardening trends that are worthy of your attention.

Here are 4 intriguing gardening trends you need to know about this spring.

  1. Choose Easy to Grow Outdoor Plants

Choosing the right outdoor plants for your garden can significantly reduce the time spent maintaining your garden. Perennials are a fantastic addition to any Australian garden as they easily survive from season to season and from year to year. This cuts back on time spent replanting and saves money on buying new plants from season to season.

  1. Start a Native Nursery

Starting a native nursery is a wonderful gardening project and can be a fabulous addition to any garden. Australian plants are known for their unique beauty and in W.A, we have some stunning native vegetation that can easily be incorporated into your landscape. Starting a native nursery will not only be a colourful addition to your garden, it will give you and your family an opportunity to learn about our native plants. And if that wasn’t enough, they will look great in your garden and also help the local ecosystem.

  1. Edible Gardens

Organic, eco-friendly, sustainable living is on everyone’s mind at the moment and it is changing how we approach our gardens. More and more people are growing their own herbs and vegetables in what people are now calling ‘edible gardens’. Not only do these gardens look great but they’re functional too. And there’s nothing better than eating a fresh, delicious salad made of ingredients picked from your own backyard.

  1. Incorporate Drought-Tolerant Plants

In the height of the Australian summer, water is at somewhat of a premium, so plan ahead when planting your garden. With more attention being put on both our energy and water consumption, xeriscaping has become the hot new concept in gardening around the world. Essentially, xeriscaping involves planting gardens with plants, which require less water in place of ‘thirstier’ plants. It’s good for the environment, it’s good for your garden and it’s good for the soul.

In Australia, we have some stunning native plants that can easily be incorporated into your landscape. Drought tolerant Yellow Buttons (Chrysocephalum apiculatum) flower most of the year and are adaptable to many soil types. Another great low-maintenance choice is the ‘Scarlet Sprite’ (Grevillea rosmarinifolia), which looks great in any coastal or poolside garden.

Plan for the Future

As you can see, the current trends are all about sustainability and being good to the environment and our local ecosystems. Following these ideas, our gardens will not only be beautiful to look at but will be a practical and functional element of your home. And you get karma points for helping protect and preserve our local flora, fauna and ecosystems, keeping your garden healthy now and for years to come.