Turn Your House Into A Perfect Family Home

We all know that there’s no exact blueprint for a family home.

They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are neatly organised, with a place for everything and everything in its place. Others are a little more chaotic, with noise and mess and life at every turn. Ultimately, as long as your home is safe and warm, there’s no right or wrong way to do it.

There are some common features which can benefit all families, however.

We are talking about things like a garden where little ones can gambol and play, or perhaps a lively, colourful kitchen which is perfect for sharing meals together. You might even have a pet in the house and need materials and designs that are easy to clean and maintain.

Whatever your needs, the family home should be a place of fun and excitement, so don’t be afraid to dream big. Check out these super design ideas from the guys and girls at Revell.

Embrace the Outdoors

When you are lucky enough to live in a hot and dry climate, it is natural to spend lots of time outdoors. It is why most family homes in Australia have backyards, pools, and private decks. Not only does a garden stop the kids from tearing around indoors, but it also gives them an opportunity to experience nature. Read our guide to summer landscaping for some inspiration.

Studies show that close contact with the natural world is hugely beneficial for early development. So, turn your little ones into mini explorers. With high-quality landscaping, you can create a garden which is safe (fenced in) and free of obstructions. Yet, you can also fill it with wonders; from unusual plants to secret hideaways, hammocks, arbours, and soft, sumptuous grass.

Make Room for Movement

Where possible, you should try to embrace a similar spirit indoors.

You will, of course, come across more restrictions, but it is important to leave room for activity and movement. The common misconception is to assume that great family homes are those that get stuffed with things; with possessions, toys, and belongings.

In reality, the best homes are those which accommodate jumping, cartwheeling, tumbling, skipping, and flailing arms and legs. Children take up so much room, even when they are not aware of it. Things like removing jackets and shoes in the hall require space. Eating dinner and playing with Lego in the lounge requires space. Make your home expansive and accommodating.

Be Wise with Your Flooring

For many reasons, hardwood is the superior choice for family homes. It is a little more expensive than carpet, but it stands the test of time. It is tactile, clean, and extremely durable. While many people prefer the softness of carpet underfoot, the right wood floor can retain heat and increase the energy efficiency of the home.

Plus, it is very easy to maintain.

Even the messiest pets and toddlers are no match for hardwood. All you have to do is gently scrub the surface with a damp mop or cloth to remove dirt. You might want to opt for a matte finish, as opposed to a shiny one because it will stop the kids from sliding around in their socks.

Why the Perfect Family Home Is Not About Perfection

The thing to remember when designing your dream home is that families do not need (and rarely have time for) perfection. Families are messy and disorganised. They are chaotic, and they require flexibility far more than pristine features and flawless décor. So, don’t get hung up on the details. Try to embrace a broader perspective and focus on creating the right mood. The best family homes are the ones that feel perfect, even when they are not.