How To Rescue a Sun-Damaged Backyard

The Australian backyard is quickly becoming extinct, pushed to bursting point with townhouses and units. Those lucky enough to have the privilege of their own private open backyard, are truly blessed. Many of us, however, fail to utilise this oasis away from the world and our backyards have become bleak dust bowls or overgrown weed magnets. The good news is, revitalisation can economically and quickly transform a withered backyard full of stray balls and strange cats, into a peaceful, inviting haven.

Real or Fake it – Grass is Greener

There has been a recent trend in landscaping, where people are trading in their real, lush lawns for fake grass. Most homeowners are fed up with the constant mowing and maintenance that most lawns require. Resulting in the decision to go with fake grass. Historically, this faux lawn has been as easy to spot as a bad wig, but recent innovations have brought some semblance of reality to the latest offerings. The main trade-off between natural turf and synthetic grass is the cost.

Below are a few pros and cons worth considering:

  • Feel – natural turf will not heat up like its synthetic rival
  • Synthetic grass usually comes with a 7 – 10-year guarantee, whereas real lawn lasts forever (with good care)
  • Well watered, natural lawn is safer in high fire danger zones

Manufacturing and environmental considerations:

  • Synthetic lawn is manufactured using petrochemicals – not good
  • Natural lawn can require copious amounts of rainwater and chemical fertilisers – also a negative
  • Synthetic turf will cost you roughly three to four times more to install, than natural grass
  • Synthetic turf may prevent allergies in those susceptible to hay fever

Retaining and Reticulation

Installing a rainwater tank can turn your garden green in more ways than one. This environmentally sustainable method of watering your lawn, combined with a well-devised reticulation system, will revitalise a wilting patch of grass in no time.

Landscaping and Planting

Professional, expert landscaping designs can devise a plan for your backyard which will work with the climate, integrating hardy, native plants and trees which can withstand the harsh demands of the Australian sun.

For those seeking plants which will be hardy and beautiful, consider:

  • ‘Bacon and Eggs’ – also known as Eutaxia Parvifolia
  • Blue Tongue
  • Brown Boronia
  • White Anzac Bottlebrush
  • Firewood Banksia
  • Wanneroo Wax


It is an absolute waste of money to leave outdoor furniture exposed to the elements through the winter month or when they are not being used for extended periods of time. Quality outdoor furniture covers are an investment which pays for itself many times over. Look for high-quality covers which have strong, well-made clips. This will prevent the wind from dislodging them. For fabrics and cushions, to prevent fading and weathering, consider investing in plastic storage boxes or incorporating storage benches into your deck design.


For those fed up with the constant maintenance and upkeep of fencing,  consider the wonderful innovation of timber-look aluminium fencing.  Almost impossible to detect, this wood alternative has the rustic beauty of timber, but also boasts strength, versatility and durability.


A well designed and built deck is a value-adding addition to any home. Unfortunately, they have a reputation for being high maintenance and can look tired and worn surprisingly quickly.  The trick to keeping your deck looking like new is all in the treatment. If you have a deck which is constantly exposed to the elements, here are a few tips to bring it back to life and keep it looking stunning:

  • Give it a thorough clean and then seal it.
  • If a deck is professionally sealed, it should stay looking good for several years. Compare this with DIY efforts which be lucky to last from one Christmas to the next and the professional option can pay dividends in the long run.
  • Apply transparent stain but not solid paint. Even outdoor paint will not penetrate the wood and will quickly peel and break away.
  • Use oil based stains as they will protect your deck and will fade gradually and naturally

The Australian climate can be devastating to anything left to its mercy. For this reason, Revell Landscaping in Perth designs backyards which can withstand the onslaught of the harsh effects of sun, wind and rain – giving you a garden which will remain a thing of beauty, all year round. Contact us today to see what we can do for your outdoor experience.