6 Tips For A More Functional Backyard

It seems like the neighbours are always improving something. Even your friend’s casual barbie has more bells and whistles than it once did, and there is always a guided tour of some area of the backyard. Maybe it’s time to survey your own and figure out how to get more functionality and joy out of your space. Follow these six landscaping ideas to bring life to your backyard and overtake “The Joneses”.

Research and Consult

Build it and they will come. We are not all blessed with landscape design skills. Fortunately, you only need drive, ideas and the right landscaper to bring your backyard haven to life. Consider the bones of what you already have, and what can be built upon or removed to make something grander. If your family, peers or that person on Instagram has something you like, collate a landscape mood board that you can refer too. With clear concepts and planning, you can execute at each stage successfully.

Stylish Accent Pieces

When was the last time you fit out your backyard with some stylish and functional accent pieces? Fire pits are a great way to heat up your outdoor style, and your guests will love the novelty and thank you for the warmth in winter. It’s also an easy way to create an entertaining area around the pit. If you have a pool, create a cabana-style space at each end of the pool. This can be used all year round and can easily take your backyard from ordinary to 5-star luxury. Barbecues areas are always a great feature in the backyard, and building shelves and countertops around the barbecue make entertaining so easy.


It’s always inside that gets the new furniture, although the backyard always has far more potential for entertaining and unwinding. If you are exploring a fire pit or barbecue area, consider square bench seating with bright cushions and luxurious blankets. A shabby chic wire table and chair set will be a nice asset to your garden area, and a place to have a tea or read a book after watering the beds.

Green Touch

If you are serious about backyard functionality, then a vegetable and herb garden should be high on your list. There are so many landscape designs that enhance these gardens, and creative ways to achieve a rustic and quaint area. Pay special attention to how much sun your garden area will get, and source vegetables and herbs that will thrive in those conditions.


There is nothing more inviting than a manicured green lawn, although other outdoor textures are finding their way into our yards and the finished product is quite remarkablePainted concrete, polished concrete, pavers and pebbles – these areas define backyards and act as a divider between play and entertaining areas.

Optimise Space

Backyards of any size are a blank canvas and with the right eye can be transformed into a private oasis. Optimising the space you have available with the right landscaping ideas is a quick and easy way to transform your backyard into a Picasso. That empty back corner can be transformed with a little elbow grease into a standalone entertaining area with a BBQ pit. Conversely, why not use that space under the verandah to set up a games area for the kids? Try to use every square meter available and don’t think of a section of the backyard as just a grassy area. The possibilities are endless when you start to use those forgotten areas of the backyard.

An outdoor area doesn’t just have to be a place for hanging the washing. It can be your source of zen, or where the family congregates on a Sunday afternoon for a barbie and charades. It sets the scene for birthday parties, Christmas and milestones in between, so make the most of the backdrop and start to get more function out of your backyard.