Trending in Landscaping

A beautiful garden can make a house into home. A place to entertain. A space to watch the kids play. We’ve asked our Revell Landscaping designers, what trends are up and coming in the landscape arena for the coming year. From sustainable gardens to house numbers that stand out – there is a design element you can incorporate into your own outdoor space.

Keep it simple and sustainable

In many aspects of our lifestyles, we’ve started to see a shift to more conscious living, and this holds true for landscape design as well. Many landscapes and gardens are being created using water wise compliant designs. Not only is it a more environmentally conscious decision, but plants that suit the climate and environment are easier to maintain. People no longer have the time, or patience, to maintain a backyard full of plants that require a lot of love and care. Simple, and most importantly, liveable outdoor spaces are very popular with both clients and designers alike.

Go against the grain

Extend your own personal touch from the interior through to the exterior of your house. A common request from a lot of our recent landscape jobs has been to create ‘something different’. Landscapes are moving away from the standard geometric designs, which utilised squares and straight lines, toward a more creative approach. Designs are now incorporating colours, textures and abstract lines that flow through from the existing design of the house. Creating this seamless link between indoor and outdoor living continues to be a huge trend, and we believe this one is here to stay as a complement to our social lifestyles and entertaining at home.

Paint it black

Black hardscapes and features are our favourite new trend at the moment. Adding a dark fence (such as momument by colorbond) can really make a small area seem larger, by creating an optical illusion. Dark hardscapes also enable green foliage and bright furnishings to stand out all year round.

This is a trend that works well with both contemporary and traditional landscapes, so it can be incorporated into your design to complement the style and setting of your existing property and surrounding area.

To introduce this fashionable design element into your existing outdoor space, start small and add black accessories such as furniture, a water feature (we love the idea of a wok bowl with dark pebbles) and replace your pots and planters to black ones.

Black pavers can give that additional stylish factor, but in our Australian climate they can tend to heat up in the summer sun, which makes them uncomfortable to walk across when bare foot. However with a bit of imagination and the right positioning this look can still be incorporated into your garden and landscape design, such as under an alfresco or patio area.

Stand out from the rest of the street

Make your first impression count with a unique letterbox and house number! No longer just a practical, functional element of the front landscape, we are seeing some amazing creative designs that can really define your house and garden. Whether it’s laser cut stainless steel, corten steel, stone, painted house numbers, or long, low, floating or gabion letterboxes, these are now a main feature and introduction to the style of your home!

Revell are loving…

  • Artwork and contemporary sculptures
  • Laser cut screens
  • Natural stones and timber