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A beautiful garden can make a house into a home. A place to entertain. A space to watch the kids play. A place to relax and enjoy.

We’ve proudly helped many families across Perth formulate landscaping ideas to create a space that they truly love and want to spend time in.

Explore our project gallery below to view the versatility and elegance that we have put into each of our many ventures, and hopefully give you a more comprehensive vision of how your outdoor area could be.

Spanning classic styles and modern designs, we’ve worked closely with our clients to create the perfect space for their needs and lifestyle.

If you’re ready to create your ideal oasis, get in touch with our team for a complimentary design consult and see how we can transform your space.

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Project Gallery

Low Maintenance Landscaping Tips

Thinking of revamping your backyard or outdoor area?
These landscaping tricks of the trade will help you highlight what to consider when planning your dream landscape for your residential or commercial space.

Season Friendly Plants

WA is blessed with some of the best climates in the world. Even when it’s cold, we have the luxury of clear skies and sunshine. However, your garden can’t move like you can and will need some creative planning to ensure it is looked after all year around.

The best low maintenance gardens and landscapes have plants that can adjust to Perth’s seasons and weather year-round.

Plant Layering

Layering plants will make a big visual impact once your landscape’s plants have grown and matured, so it requires the planner to look ahead into the future.

Use flowers, plants, and trees with complementing colours, planted in an organised manner in rows or patterns of your choice.

Lay plants out strategically, planting the tallest plants in the back for natural screening, the shortest in the front and the rest dispersed throughout the middle.

This creates an illusion of a full, lush garden even when you don’t have many plants.

Evergreens and Foliage

Evergreens are perfect for year-round shade and look great between the floral arrangements of your yard. They can be used to create borders and hedges to break up the visual chaos.

Evergreens keep their attractive foliage in the months when deciduous trees shed their leaves, so no matter the time of year, they are a great option for privacy screening and shelter.

Hardscapes and Softscapes

Hardscapes are equally as important as softscapes to balance the space. For those who are confused, hardscapes are solid materials that are found in a garden; this can be a stone path, a large pot, or a water feature, whereas softscapes are soft materials like plants, lawn, and grass.

Having a path running across the softscape can create more visual appeal in a space with lots of plants.

Use Drought-Resistant Plants

Whilst WA has some breathtaking days, it can also see some really dry days, which calls for cautious planning when choosing plants.

Drought-resistant plants like succulents have gained popularity over the years as they are low maintenance, require very little water and are beautiful on their own or bunched with other plants.

Water Features

Water features, big or small bring another element of calm to your space. The sound of the running water amongst other softscape elements can transform the space into a peaceful sanctuary. With the flexibility to be installed anywhere, water features are gaining popularity as the ideal finish to a garden oasis.

Why Landscape with Revell?

Revell upholds its name as premier Perth landscapers, providing exceptional service to all our clients. We value good craftsmanship, which is evident in our work. We’ll provide you with the landscape results you want to take your landscape from average to extraordinary. We are experienced at creating landscapes for residential and commercial clients in Perth and throughout Western Australia.

We are with you from the first consultation to the construction until the maintenance of your property. Before we leave you to bask in the privacy of your new backyard, we provide you with all the necessary information to maintain your sanctuary, including the water needs of your shiny new plants or how to manage overgrown shrubs.

Project Gallery

Revell’s team of landscapers also specialise in maintenance, making it easy for you to continue to keep it beautiful and pristine as the plants mature.

We have helped hundreds of Perth clients in constructing and maintain the perfect outdoor living space in styles that range from country living to inner city chic.

Don’t just take our word for it; read what our clients have to say.



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Fast Completion Times

Our efficient scheduling system and quality tradespeople means your project gets to completion quicker.

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Project Management

We give you a dedicated management team to look after your development every step of the way.

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In-house Team

Our full-time, skilled landscaping team and proven, reliable sub-contractors means you’re not wondering “who’s that on my property?”

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No Mess

We remove all our materials after completion, maintain a tidy worksite and leave your place spotless when we finish.

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Regular Communication

We give you clear, informed communication throughout all phases of the project.

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Workmanship Guarantee

We guarantee all structural work for 7 years, all minor defects for 6 months and your plants for 3 months (terms & conditions may apply)

Reviews From Revell Landscaping Customers

The team at Revell Landscaping excelled in designing, project managing and landscaping my beautiful new garden. I am absolutely thrilled with the result which included laying a new exposed concrete driveway, quality paving throughout, building a back yard pergola, art studio and garden shed, reticulation and thoughtful selection of plants to enhance the new lawn. All of this was managed with my budget in mind and I am so grateful to Sam, Peter and Mark at Revell and every single one of the great guys they arranged to work on my property. Their professionalism, attention to all the details and care ensuring I was happy with the outcome exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Revell to anyone looking for a quality landscaping company.
Maybritt Prahl
Maybritt Prahl
01:43 07 Nov 18
Very professional and easy to work with. Good communication. A quality job with which we’re very happy. Thanks to Mark and the Revell team.
Erica Payne
Erica Payne
01:00 25 Jul 18
We are very pleased with how our garden and patio turned out. Revell were always on time and listened to what we wanted and had great ideas as well.Highly recommend them!
Sophie Marie
Sophie Marie
07:34 23 Dec 17
Thank you Mark, Tony and the rest of the team for delivering a wonderful result that has completely exceeded our expectations. We can honestly say that we wouldn't change a thing.
Sara Sulway
Sara Sulway
11:36 29 May 17
Thank you to the team at Revell Landscaping for doing such a beautiful job in landscaping our front and back garden! Mark and the team were very professional and worked hard to create the garden we envisioned and did it with care. Thanks again and thank you for the lovely hamper we received after it was completed. What a nice surprise!
Renee King
Renee King
06:47 28 Feb 17
Very happy with our landscaping job. Revel were professional and meet all the timeframes they promised. They listened to our needs and provided plants that would work in the space and were flexible in installing our reticulation in a tricky spot. Unexpectedly we received a lovely hamper post job. Thank you.
Justine Barsley
Justine Barsley
10:30 16 Feb 17
Very professional and great to deal with
Rueben Taylor
Rueben Taylor
23:44 19 Jan 17
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