Seasonal Residential Landscape Management Tips

Seasonal Residential Landscape Management Tips
February 27, 2018 Jenny

Seasonal Residential Landscape Management Tips

Your home garden and outdoor area have the unique ability to adapt and adjust to each season of the year.  You can take advantage of the changing seasons to gain the most of your garden and have it looking great all year round.

Here are a few gardening tips on how to maintain your garden for the coming seasons and ensure it is looking its best all year round.



Seasonal Residential Landscape Management Tips

During summer, your garden and residential outdoor areas become the perfect areas for entertaining. Here are three ideas to make your landscape look great, so you can enjoy your days relaxing in the sunshine.

  • Give your garden some TLC
  • Water wisely and check your watering system
  • Plant wisely


Give Your Garden Some TLC

By summer, our gardens are already looking pretty good; everything is in bloom and thriving from spring’s rain. If you want to maintain this, it’s important that you put in the work.

It is essential that you re-mulch at the start of summer. This helps to protect your plants from the intense summer heat, shielding them from heat and helping them to absorb water.

No one enjoys weeding, but it is a necessary evil, especially during summer. Also, keep a lookout for pests and diseases that can damage your plants – it is better to treat the issue quickly before it has a chance to spread.

Water Wisely

With the hot sun in summer, your landscape does need more water, but it doesn’t require you to triple your water bill and waste precious water.

Water your garden in the early morning or late at night; this allows your plants to soak in the water before the heat starts.  A tip is to place your sprinklers on a timer, ensuring that they aren’t left on, and your plants are watered regularly.

It is important to make sure your sprinklers are working correctly. Ensure that all plants are being watered rather than the path or driveway. Also, check for any leaks or blockages that can be wasting water.

Plant Wisely

A large part of successful gardening is understanding what to plant and when. Being smart with what you plant will allow you to take advantage of the heat and brighten up your outdoor area.

Try and plant colours to maintain the bright mood of summer and to draw people outside.  Some plants that bloom well in summer are gardenias and peonies.

If you are unsure of what to plant, ask your landscaper or local gardening shops for suggestions.



Seasonal Residential Landscape Management Tips

With the temperature cooling down at the start of autumn it becomes the perfect time to re-evaluate your garden and plan for the remainder of the year.

Before you start planting your winter and spring plants, it’s important you begin to prepare existing plants for the colder months

  • Clean and prepare
  • Start your DIY projects

Clean and Prepare

With winter approaching it is essential you do as much preparation as you can. The best way to protect your plants and ensure that they grow over spring is by pruning them. Autumn is the perfect time to prune and protect plants, as they all should be prepped before winter starts.

Pruning also helps to reduce the mess that will occur as the leaves fall and will also help to protect your plants against the cold.

Cleaning away dead plants and mess is a must in autumn. Try to fix garden beds and lawn to ensure that you gain the best results for next summer.

Start Your DIY Projects

Autumn is the perfect time to redo your outdoor area, whether it is adding decking, a veggie patch or just fixing issues around the garden.

Take advantage of the cooler weather by doing those jobs that require a bit of arduous work. This can be adding paving to separate the garden, or just ensuring that flower beds are clean, and your outdoor area looks tidy and ready to endure the wet, cold winter weather.

If you had an issue in summer with certain plants not growing, move them around. You can also try vertical gardens if you’d like a change or are running out of space.


WinterSeasonal Residential Landscape Management Tips

It is crucial you don’t forget about your garden and outdoor area during winter. Although you’ll likely be spending less time outdoors, it doesn’t mean you should ignore your garden.

  • Focus on your Outdoor Area
  • Add colour
  • Prepare for spring

Focus on Your Outdoor Area

Your outdoor area may have been forgotten during past winters, but by making minor changes, your outdoor area can be utilised year-round.

Try adding portable heaters and shades to keep in the heat and create an extended living area.

Add Colour

Winter can be grey and gloomy so mix it up by adding splashes of colour to your garden; flowers such as pansies and violets are the perfect options. This will break down the dull colours of winter and will also bring life back into your garden.

If you want to add colour quickly, purchase flowers already in bloom rather than seedlings. They require less attention which can be perfect for the cold rainy months.

Prepare for Spring

Winter is also the ideal time to start planting your spring-blooming plants. The cool temperature and rain will provide the ideal growing conditions.  Ensure that you are planting with enough room and in the right future conditions for plants grow.

For the plants blooming in early spring such as tulips, they are best planted in late autumn and early winter. Ask your local gardening stores if you are unsure when to start planting.



Seasonal Residential Landscape Management Tips

Spring is when your flowers start to blossom and life enters back into your garden. Try and focus on these main things:

  • Prepare for the heat
  • Clean and grow

Prepare for the Heat

When planning your planting, make a note if you need to create more shade.

You can achieve this by rearranging plants, adding shading above your garden, and utilising trees and hanging pots.  Ensure that your sprinkler system is working and your garden is clear from any pests.

Clean and Grow

To keep your garden thriving, it needs constant care especially leading up to the summer months. Ensure you mulch before those hot days to allow your plants to remain cool and retain water.

Pay attention to your plants: monitor how much water they are receiving and if it is sufficient, along with their amount of sunlight. Keep an eye out for pests and bugs and unhealthy-looking plants; they are easier to fix when the problem hasn’t spread to the whole garden.


Having a great residential landscape all year round is possible if you take care of your garden throughout the year. All it requires is a bit of hard work, always preparing for the season ahead and caring for what is in your garden. Loving your outdoor area and garden does not have to be limited to summer, especially if you follow some of these seasonal ideas.

The decision to do the landscaping for your own home is a big job, it can require a tremendous amount of time and effort so consider talking to the professionals at Revell Landscaping. We have 15 years of experience providing residential landscape maintenance to gardens of all sizes. View our project gallery nowGet in touch today for a landscaping design or maintenance quote.

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